There are two phases to the RESTORE Procedure. The first is a diagnostic phase with the completion of a 15 minute angiogram procedure. The patient is placed under an x-ray camera, where our physicians introduce a small catheter through the radial artery in the wrist and navigate the catheter to the pelvic arteries. When in the appropriate blood vessels they inject dye to get a road map of the blood flow. With this diagnostic study our physicians can identify blockage in either one or both arteries supplying blood flow to the penis.



The second phase of the RESTORE Procedure is the intervention where our physicians introduce a slightly larger catheter into the femoral artery in the groin. Here our physicians can insert a balloon and complete an angioplasty, by inflating the balloon to widen the artery and restore proper blood flow to the penis. It is an outpatient procedure taking about an hour, the patients are typically at the facility for a total of 3-4 hours with recovery, before they go home.

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 What is the down time?
The RESTORE Procedure takes only about an hour, and requires lying flat in recovery after the procedure for up to 3-4 hours. Thereafter, the patient returns home with doctor’s instructions that typically include no heavy exertion for 24 hours.
 Is this guaranteed to work?
Unfortunately no, ED can be multifactorial. The RESTORE Procedure specifically evaluates and treats problem with blockage in blood flow in the arteries supplying the penis.
 How long will the artery stay open?
It greatly depends on lifestyle. Smoking? Diet? Diabetes? Genetics? Hopefully several years if you are leading a healthy lifestyle.
 If I have blockage, is that for sure the cause of my ED?
No, you can still have psychological issues, low testosterone, nerve problems, or potentially other contributing factors. Our doctors may recommend you speak with other specialists or get additional tests either before or after the procedure.
 What are the major risks?
There are risks with any medical procedure. Risks for the RESTORE Procedure are the same as any angiogram or angioplasty, including but not limited to bleeds, bruising, infections, dye allergy, and mild vessel rupture. Talk to our doctors about the risks of the procedure and any concerns you may have.
 Will my insurance cover this?
No, Insurance considers this an elective surgery, thus it is not covered by any insurance carrier. See our pricing section for more information, or give us a call.
 How long before I can have sex?
Typically 24 hours or the following day. If the procedure is completed through the femoral artery, the physician may recommend 48 hours before having sex, doing heavy lifting or other strenuous activities.
 What percentage of Men that have ED, is caused by this artery blockage?
70% of patients that have coronary artery disease also have ED, one study showed. It is highly dependent on the medical history of each patient. Our physicians do many minimally invasive balloon angioplasty procedures every year, after reviewing the specifics of your condition and medical history with you, they can provide an indication if the RESTORE Procedure can help your ED.
 Will there be a scar?
The RESTORE Procedure only requires a tiny puncture, no stiches are typically needed. It is a minimally invasive procedure, similar to the procedures that our physicians preform on a daily basis at their main practice.
 Who is the Ideal Patient?
The ideal patient for this procedure is someone who has risk factors of heart disease, diabetes, is a smoker, or has high cholesterol. It is also more likely with age that plaque formation is the cause of ED.