Many of our patients are greatly benefited by having a confidential and customized one-on-one conversation with our professional counselor. Suffering from ED can make any man feel anxious and lose confidence in the bedroom. If our physicians recommend speaking with our professional counselor as part of your treatment plan, your initial session is included in your ED Evaluation. Or, call or office to arrange a confidential appointment for your comprehensive men’s mental health assessment. You will never be judged or criticized.

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  • Stress
  • Sexuality concerns
  • Sexual anxiety
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Penile size concerns
  • Anxiety induced ED

There are several clinical options available to help insure the most effective treatment plan may be developed with you. The sessions are hosted at a private office location separate from our main clinic to ensure a comfortable and discreet discussion. You will never be judged or criticized.

Comprehensive assessments are an essential part of the mental health treatment process. Our professional counselor conducts diagnostic assessments for a variety of reasons, most notably: to identify concerns, to understand individual thought processes, to identify critical lifestyle and environmental factors, to assist in the creation of individual treatment plans as needed.


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 How long with my first session take?
Please plan on about 25 minutes for your first men’s mental health counseling session. The purpose will be to meet the counselor and have initial discussions on what you are experiencing and how he may be able to help. In your second visit you will discuss the results of a test completed during your initial session and begin working on treatment plan.
 How long will my second session take?
Your second men’s mental health session may take about an hour. No need to early as there is no check in process or additional paperwork needed. Our Ohio Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor will have all of the information provided previously to our Men’s Clinic.
 How many sessions will I need?
Our Ohio Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor will prepare an individual treatment plan for you in conjunction with any other treatments being provided by our Men’s Clinic. Men’s mental health treatment may only take one session or multiple depending on the needs of the individual patient.
 Are sessions available on evenings or weekends?
Yes! We understand that finding the right time to talk about sexual issues can be difficult, our staff will work with you to find out a schedule that meets your needs; including evenings and weekend.
 Are the counseling sessions at your office?
No, to ensure the most privacy the counseling sessions are held at a different office location so you may have a private one on one experience with no other patients in the office. Our staff will provide you with the address and directions when your session is arranged.
 How private are the counseling sessions?
Very private. The men’s mental health counseling sessions are hosted in a different office location than our main practice where the ED Evaluations are conducted. This ensures that you will see no other patients when entering or exiting, and provides added privacy. All information shared with our Ohio Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor is 100% confidential.