Our ED Evaluation package will assess the causes of your ED. One of our board certified radiologists will conduct a penile ultrasound of your arteries to determine if the blood flow is flowing in too slowly or out too fast. Testosterone level testing will also indicate if you are suffering from low testosterone.

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The ED treatment options available to you will vary based on the cause of your ED. Our physicians are experts at performing minimally invasive procedures. If blood inflow is blocked, they may recommend the RESTORE Procedure to re-open the arteries by a balloon angioplasty. Other treatment options such as oral and injectable medications are also available. Low testosterone can impact ED and decrease the sex drive; testosterone creams can successfully increase testosterone levels and mimic the body’s natural production of testosterone. PRP Therapy can increase sensitivity, provide penile enhancement, make your erections firmer and combat Peyronie’s disease. Stress and your psychological state can play a large role in successfully having sex, our licensed professional counselor specializes in Men’s Mental Health treatment and maybe able to help. It is possible that a combination of these therapies may be required.


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 What are the symptoms of ED?
If you are having difficulty attaining an erection, or maintaining an erection hard enough for sex, you may be experiencing erectile dysfunction.
 I’m 70+, can you help me?
Yes, we may be able to help with a number of treatment options including hormone replacement therapy, specially formulated medications, or a procedure to restore blood flow. Other options may be available based upon your specific circumstances.
 I can’t take Oral ED medications, are there other options?
Yes, oral ED medications are not the only medication options. Our physicians have a specifically formulated medication available in per use convenient packaging that may be effective for you.
 Who has ED?
Erectile dysfunction can impact men of any age. You are not too young, or too old, to benefit from the ED treatments that our clinic offers. If there has been quick onset, or a gradual decrease in erectile function we may be able to help.
 What causes ED?
There are many causes of ED, download our free eBook on the 8 Common Causes of ED for more detailed information.