• Two office visits
  • Penile Ultrasound conducted by a board certified radiologist
  • Testosterone levels testing and results
  • 1 on 1 private consultation with one of our physicians
  • Test dose
  • And more!
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Getting and maintaining an erection has a lot to do with blood flow. An ultrasound of the penile arteries can tell our physicians if blood is flowing and how fast. Depending on the results of the ultrasound, one treatment option may be better than others.


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 How long will my ED Assessment take?
Please plan on being at our office for approximately an hour for the first and second assessment visits. Depending on your treatment plan, less time may be needed on your second visit.
 Are results guaranteed?
About 90% of patients respond successfully to the medication. You will receive a test dosage of the medication during your ultrasound. This will stimulate an erection and allow the physician to measure the flow velocities of your blood to assist in their evaluation. If you don’t respond to the medication, other treatment options may be available.
 Are there more treatment options than oral ED medications?
Yes! Our physicians may prescribe you with other medications, as well as testosterone treatments if you have low testosterone levels. ED problems can often be part psychological as well, our on licensed professional counselor who specializes in men’s issues may also be able to assist you.
 Will I have to be undressed?
You will be placed in a private area when your ultrasound is conducted by one of our board certified radiologists. You will need to fully undress for the ultrasound, but pants will need to be lowered discreetly under a sheet so that the physician can perform the ultrasound of the penile arteries. This process takes about 15 minutes.
 What is the medication used during the ultrasound?
Our physicians work with a local compounding pharmacy to create a medication mixture specially formulated for our ED patients. A very small, disposable needle is used.
 Will my insurance cover the ED Evaluation?
We are not able to accept insurance at our clinic, but we are able to pass along the savings from the hassle of insurance billing to our patients. Often times many ED related drugs and treatments are not covered by insurance carriers.