The causes of ED can be split into 3 categories: psychologic, neurogenic or vascular (circulatory). The circulatory problem is very similar to narrowing in the arteries of the heart where plaque can form, decreasing blood flow to the penis hindering an erection. Oral erectile dysfunction medications don’t increase blood flow to the penis. If you don’t already have good blood flow, these medications may not be effective.

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The many causes of ED can seem daunting, if you are trying to narrow down your search, read our summary blog article on the common causes of ED.

 Artery Blockages
ED can be caused by the build-up of plaque in the penile arteries. This is called atherosclerosis. In fact, research has shown the ED can be an indicator of heart disease, as the smaller arteries in the pelvis tend to become blocked before larger artiers supplying the heart.
 High Blood Pressure
If you have high blood pressure, the smooth muscle in the penis loses its ability to relax, causing the blood vessels to not dilate properly. This results in an insufficient amount of blood reaching the penis.
Diabetes causes nerve damage throughout the body and can cause ED by damaging the stimulation signal between the penis and the brain. Poor circulation is another cause of ED as it reduces blood flow to the penis. Up to 75% of men with diabetes experience some form of erectile dysfunction.
Heavier men tend to have low testosterone and impaired blood flow, both of which can cause ED. Being overweight also increase the risk of having other diseases and conditions that contribute to erectile dysfunction, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.
Smoking causes ED through the build-up of arterial plaque (atherosclerosis). The plaque buildup obstructs blood flow, making an erection difficult.
Psychological causes of ED are frequent and can happen concurrently with physical contributors. Depression, stress, relationship problems, anxiety, body dysmorphic disorder and pornography can all lead to erectile dysfunction.
Injury to the spinal cord can cause ED by disrupting the nerves connecting the brain and pelvis. Major trauma to the pelvis, hips, or penis itself can cause erectile dysfunction if the nerves or blood supply are interrupted.
ED can be a side effect of many medications. Do not stop taking any medications without talking to your doctor. Alternatives may be available that do not have this side effect.


This is where the RESTORE Procedure can help. Just as cardiologist can reopen clogged arteries in the heart it is possible to reopen blocked arteries supplying the pelvis to improve blood flow to the penis. Our physicians use live x-ray imaging to help guide them in opening these clogged arteries. With successful balloon angioplasty of these arteries our physicians can restore proper blood flow to treat erectile dysfunction.

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